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At Curb Appeal Landscape Management

we strive to give New Haven County a landscape company that understands the importance of maximizing your property investment and maintaining an attractive and professional appearance. Think about the overall image of the property itself. What does it convey to your customers, employees, tenants or fellow homeowners? At the moment someone approaches your property, from the curb to the front door, they are forming their first impression.

What they are seeing or not seeing will enhance or detract from their perception of what it’s like to live, work or do business with you. What does the entrance way look like? Is there seasonal color in the form of annuals and perennials? Are the tree branches pruned away from walkways and front doors? Are leaves and debris cleaned up? How about the common areas? Is the turf weed free? Is the landscape crew just cutting the grass, or does it have a manicured look and even cut? If it’s a residential area with a clubhouse or pool, how is that area maintained? Are grass clippings being picked up inside the pool area or are they being blown into the pool and left on the turf? Are shrubs trimmed and landscape beds well defined? Do all these areas add or detract from the value of your property?

These are the questions we ask our self about your property. We strive to give you excellent service and maintain the highest quality available whether it is your Green Space , or cleaning the Parking Lots. We are one company for all your four season landscape and property maintenance needs.

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Available Services

  • Weekly and Bi-weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Edging (Bed's, Side Walks, Walkways, ETC.)
  • Spring and Fall Clean Up
  • Tree Maintenance and Removal
  • Planting and Design
  • Stone and Brick Walkways
  • Mulching of Beds and Green Space
  • Hedge Triming
  • Retaining Walls
  • Gutter Cleaning and Repair
  • Deicing and Sanding
  • Snow Removal
  • AND MUCH MORE.........

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A quality landscape company for New Haven County

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